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    If somehow medical science advanced to the point where incontinence of all varieties was completely curable would this mean the end of adult diaper production? Do you think the AB/DL market and non ic or AB/DLs that wear (truckers, gambling addicts etc) would be enough to keep production going?

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    naw, thats like them elimateing steroid use in sports-it would pretty much lose all perpose, you know what i mean?

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    No I don't believe that would happen because not everyone goes to see medical professionals, some people choose not to, and others cannot afford to receive care.

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    well thats a smart answer and one i didnt consider so i'll give you that, but i was trying to picture a scenario where incontinence was eradicated and the adult diaper industry had to survive on ABDL and practical diaper wearers to survive.

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    No. Two reasons:
    1) It would be too expensive for most people.
    2) The adult diaper market, I imagine, I worth a fair bit. Big enough to be of some significance in the hygiene industry,certainly.

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    I don't recall this question arising before, aside from this still open thread: I guess things come in cycles. Please direct any comments there.

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