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Thread: Another parent hateful toward her semi-continent child...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBDaddy View Post
    I'm thinking about doing this with my wife...haha. Really, you have to wonder about these so called parents. America worries me. Of course, I've been watching Judge Judy where you get to see the worst and dumbest people in the good ol' U. S. of A. "I'm proud to be an American, swilling an puking beer" sung to the tune by a similar name. As rational people, we hope that we are a majority, that America is mostly sane, normal people, but then we see the stories which come along and we shake our heads and just wonder.

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    I can say being an American this is not the norm even in the worst cities like mine that I am not proud of it or hold it as badge of honor more of a disgrace to the city that we held highest murder rate per capita for many years out of all American cities. We have gotten better atleast we are now in the bottom half of the top ten and hopefully the rate will continue to decline. Even with all of that you don't even see that kind of crazy stuff around here 99% of the time, it has happened twice so far in my 27yrs here where their have been similar cases. I assure you though we are not all crazy.

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    It seems like parents don't know how to punish kids for there actions. This little girl gets a severe punishment for something she tries to control but can't while some kids do the stupidest things yet their parents do absolutely nothing to punish them. Has everyone gone crazy??? If you don't know how to raise kids than don't have them. You would think after having 3 kids that you would know how to be a good parent. I don't know what more to say about this, but I do feel bad for the girl and hopefully she's not scarred by this.

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    "parent" is the loosest, most inaccurate word for the person thing that did this.
    i'm exceptionally glad that the child is even still alive... it's nothing short of an atrocity.

    hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary success, and... this. it's disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary success, and... this. it's disappointing.
    Ha ha... Sigh... If you don't laugh, you'd cry...

    It would never make sense to me as to why (and how) someone could be so cruel.

    That's why little kids are (usually) so happy... They never read the news.

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    She wasn't allowed to use the bathroom so of course she be peeing and messing herself.

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    Her boyfriend denied knowing the mother ever locked the 10-year-old in a closet.
    What a surprise, that closet that smelled like urine and made strange noises like "mom?" had a kid in it? Weird man.

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    Wow, that's pretty wild. I can't believe that she could keep her hidden that long, I'm glad someone finally found out that she was abusing her child though. Now to see the court case, personally I hope she gets a nice long time in her prison cell. Hell, her prison cell should be the size of a closet and come without a bed or a toilet... So she can sleep in her own urine just like she made her daughter do.

    But of course, that will never happen... I can always dream though.

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