View Poll Results: Which of these diapers has the cutest name?

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  • Huggies

    25 53.19%
  • Pampers

    13 27.66%
  • Luvs

    9 19.15%
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Thread: Cutest diaper name?

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    Default Cutest diaper name?

    Which of these brands of diapers has the cutest name?

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    If we're talking about cuteness in names alone, then I'd have to go with Luvs. The incorrect spelling always gives it cuteness points, and it just shows that diapers are about snuggles, huggles, and all things happy >w<

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    I always found pampers to be the cutest name, it has something to it that the others don't but I can't put my finger on what it is...

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    I think huggies is the cutest cuz it sounds like a baby asking for a hug xD so adorable.

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    Uh oh. My vote just tied Huggies with Pampers.

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    Uh oh. Mine just tied Pampers with Huggies.

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    Huggies is an over-the-top-cutesy non-word, and definitely the most babyish-sounding of the bunch, in my opinion. If the poll was looking for my favorite diaper name, then I'd have to say Pampers, as I instantly associate that name with being diapered and happy. But I have to admit that I do find the name Huggies to be the more cute of the two, with Luvs coming in third (although I like it also).

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