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Thread: How low or high is your dress?

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    Default How low or high is your dress?

    When wearing or picking out your dress how high or low do you like it to hang?

    When i try to get a dress i try to get it so that it hangs around the middle of my thigh. That way it just hight enough for my padding to peak out from under it.

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    It depends on what I am going to do if I am going outside not something I risk to often but for a thrill once in a while I will go outside with one on in these cases the dress may be low enough to fully cover the diaper, depends on my mood. I have many dresses that would just allow a diaper to peek made that way on purpose and like to wear them I even have a lovely school girl one that I have posted myself wearing with a disposable showing at about toddler level visibility in my gallery. So I prefer them short most are middle thigh or just above the knee, so that it will peak out. As implied though I do have some full length dresses, which I like to wear when it is cold out as the house gets cold in the fall but not cold enough to turn on the heat.

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    If it's for a formal occasion usually to my calf, Or my knee. If it's for girly purposes then my upper/mid thigh

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    if i have-to get out of my jeans and into a skirt/dress.....
    then always long flowing light graceful feminine and somewhat sheer...... yes, i think that about does it. (one simply must show their figure)
    diapers are for bed-time mostly, and that time is T-shirt time..... or nothing time even.....

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    I agree with the beginning of the thread, diaper skirts are a bit above the knee, but the formal is half way down past the knee.

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    Personally, I for casual wear, I like just above mid-thigh, but if I'm doing something important, I have three black silk skirts that reach just above my knees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post
    When i try to get a dress i try to get it so that it hangs around the middle of my thigh. That way it just hight enough for my padding to peak out from under it.
    Same here, I like for my diaper to be visible under the dress/ skirt. It just looks so cute!

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    I like mine to be to my mid to upper thigh and diaper sticking out of the bottom

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    I usually try not to show my underwear, so (in public) I wear leggings that go about three-quarters down my thigh, and then a dress that goes a little less lower, maybe one-half. I don't like when it's really difficult to sit down without exposing anything. >.> I also really love long, billowy skirts, so I have a few that go down to my calf. I'm pretty tall, so when I walk or turn around or whatever, they twirl quite a bit. It's cute.

    As for a 'diaper dress', I don't actually own any, but a romper would be very cute. I could wear those in public as well. The long t-shirt is an old standby I like as well.

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    yep, what she said...It's soooo cute/babyish with it up higher!
    Now, when adding my petticoat, then we have to go a bit lower.
    My sundress with the smocked/elastic top, I can readily adjust it up or down to fit my mood, just by tucking, what I don't want seen, underneath the rest of it.

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