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Thread: Increased dribbling was early warning of bladder infection?

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    Default Increased dribbling was early warning of bladder infection?

    I don't consider myself incontinent. I usually only dribble a bit (enough to put a small wet spot in my briefs at the end of the day).

    However, two weeks ago, I noticed I was dripping so much, that the entire front of the briefs were damp before noon each day, also, my urine was slightly cloudy and tinged slightly pink. So I suspected I had a bladder infection.
    I went my doctor, who tested the urine, but it turned out negative, so he sent me home.

    Then, this thursday morning after having been out drinking all night after a company dinner I was feeling really bad and it was stinging and burning like hell when I was peeing. I discounted it as just being because I was hung over, so I went to work and got through the day.

    When I got home, I was still feeling horrible, so I checked my temperature. Turned out I was having a fever. I then called the out-of-hours medical line, who sent me to their consultation at the hospital, to give a urine test. It was indeed a bladder infection. So, I was prescribed antibiotics, and told to drink lots of water.

    I have been wearing diapers since thursday evening, because going to the toilet every 15 minutes was getting a tad annoying.

    So, my guess is that two weeks ago, it was too early to detect and it took a night of drinking and walking around outside in not-quite-warm-enough temperatures, to make it really break out.

    I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but perhaps it could be interesting to hear if anyone have had similar experiences, or perhaps advice on how to avoid it happening again, or whatever you feel like answering really, I'm not your boss. :P

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    The doc tested the urine there and then? Or was it sent to the local hospital for testing?

    Either way, I reckon for you to go "downhill" so quickly, that it was a dodgy test result. There's no way it could have been fine one day, and so seriously bad the next...

    I hope that the antibiotics soon get rid of the infection, bladder infections are nasty and painful and such a pain in the bladder for repetitive toilet breaks!

    One thing I will say with wearing diapers, it could have been bacteria from a diaper that caused the infection in the first place. (sorry) I can't see your profile in-post details on tapatalk, so don't know if you were wearing diapers anyway....

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm trying to help, not take a dig at you.. but, how were your diaper habits prior to infection? Were you soiling them? (Number one, or number two?) IF say you were going for a pee and leaving yourself wet for a considerable time, this could be the source of the infection. Personally I hate sitting in a wet/soiled diaper, so I change as soon as I possibly can after the accident. However, I do know for some DL and AB/TB the whole point of it is the pleasure of sitting in a diaper with warm pee

    I have found that my "undercarriage" hygiene has been 110% better since I became incontinent, because, even if I make it to the loo on time, a combination of being very fat, (94.6KG/14.897Stone/208.557lb (pre-poorly weight - 68.583KG/10.8Stone/151.2lb)) which gives me more creases than I used to have! and the plastic backed nappies making me really sweat, and being mainly bedbound causing bed sores, I need to keep it clean, bacteria free and as fresh as possible.

    As I am severely disabled and cannot stand and wash my "undercarriage" myself, I keep a pack of Tesco's value, fragrance free, baby wipes to the side of the toilet so I can do a quick "rub down" of my entire "undercarriage" every time I visit the toilet.

    If I can be of further assistance, give me a shout?!

    Kind regards,


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    Well, I don't think it was just from one day to the other. The day before, I did notice my pee being quite a bit darker, murkier and smellier than usual, but didn't take much notice.

    And yes, I'm suspecting it might have been because I've been messing a bit more than usual lately (Used to be only about once every 3 months). However, I always shower and clean thoroughly after messing.
    Having been into the diaper thing for many years, and never having had trouble (Apart from a rash one time), I guess my number was just up.

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