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    Well then, I guess I missed out on an introduction, so I think I'll start one now. I'm new here and to the abdl scene. As my name indicates, I'm from southern California. And socalsocal is just the handle that I've adopted for my abdl and kinky adventures on the web.

    I am 20 years old and a college student. By chance I stumbled upon some cute diaper pictures, which led me to finding more, and as curiosity continued to spark, I found this place and a few other boards. In my short-sparked interest, I've even gone as far as to order some diapers for the first time ever just the other day. And this board has been very informative too, which is great.

    Besides my new found curiosity in the abdl world, I like to be active and fit. I also like computers, and I'm currently learning some programming. I really enjoy learning new things too. Anyhow, I was attracted to this place for the information, but I wouldn't mind making some new friends too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    Hey there, welcome! What sort of other interests do you have?
    Hi there, Talula

    My main interest are computers & learning. I like to exercise too, and play sports, but not watch them. Oh, and I enjoy a good book every now and then :]

    Currently reading hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy.

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