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Thread: Tena slip diapers?

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    Default Tena slip diapers?

    I've decided to buy tena slip diapers(adult diapers finally!!). But I don't know what type should I choose. There are plus, super and maxi. Which would you recommend?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Hello. Good choice. Forget the Plus. The Super are good, and I like the green graphics on the white diaper. However the Maxi is the most interesting product. Just go Maxi. Price difference is also not that substantial per unit.

    Order them and enjoy!

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    Well it depends on what you want really, absorbancy or discretion.

    The plus and super are great to wear in public, thin, discreet and hold a decent wetting. They're both plastic backed so you may want to wear some boxers orso to keep the crinkling to a minimum.

    If it's absorbancy you want then go with the maxi's, they're my personal favorite. They're not as discrete so I wouldn't wear them out in public but they're great for around the house.

    Tena has recently switched the maxi's from plastic to cotton-feel though (or atleast they did where I live) so that may weigh in on your decision aswell.

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    I think the tena slip maxi are pretty great, give them a go!

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    i have been 24/7, or know people that have been in all of the absorbency. on rates of absorbency, say about 6+ or so changes a day for the plus, supers about 4-5 and the maxi's about 3-4. im including one for the night as well. on thickness there all fairly discrete, all fairly cheap, i personally would go with the maxi's.

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    As mentioned by most people already: Maxis for absorbency/thickness; Supers for when you're out and about and don't want a particularly noticeable padded behind.

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    Thank you everyone. Going to get some tena maxi's then.

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