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Thread: A girl to keep.. what do you think?

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    Default A girl to keep.. what do you think?

    So, you know I'm not one to make this up, but there's this girl and she's wonderful. I dated her for the good part of the beginning of summer and the duration of spring and she's perfect. I told her about this side of me and she doesn't mind it. Even says she'd be willing to try it. And I just.. I don't know. I'm taken aback. In the best way.
    I just don't know how to react to it.
    Like, I spilled my soul to her when I was drunk. And she was okay with it. I showed her the whole 'Understanding Infantilism' page and everything. Thinking of getting back with her. But. I just don't know. I'm just thrown off. I can't believe someone is so okay with it. How should I approach this?

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    Sounds like a keeper. Don't try to push it on her, and I'd say you're going down a good road.

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    It' really doesn't matter if you can believe or not that someone could be ok with it. Your secret is out, if you like her as a person and she likes you then go for it. But to me it sounds like you are trying to find a reason not to pursue this. And if that is the case, you really need to do some soul searching on what you do really want. Best of luck.

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    No, of course I want to pursue it. I just can't believe this. You'll have to excuse me. A bit inebriated at the moment, but I mean... damn. I could screenshot the conversation right now. What started off as a drunk text turned into a full blown confession which turned into her telling me she didn't mind at all.
    I'm just.. wow.

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    Well if you are still drunk, and this just happened then you still probably have the regret and the dread that will probably set in tomorrow Don't sweat it some people are just open minded. But you probably will have to have the conversation again sober.

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    Well, it's wearing off slowly. And I'm re-reading the conversation and I'm still as I was.
    Guess I got so used to how 'weird' of a fetish this was, I didn't realize some people were open minded enough to accept it.

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    There absolutely are people who are completely okay with these kinds of things. If she says she is and acts like it, why doubt it? She sounds pretty great, really. ^.^

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    In this situation I believe the most you have to worry about is the hangover! Otherwise it seems you've found a great friend.
    I wish you the best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OtakuSamurai View Post
    Sounds like a keeper. Don't try to push it on her, and I'd say you're going down a good road.
    I would have to agree.

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    I have had several people react in a similar way to how you described; there are open minded people out there but you can't assume everyone will react that way.

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