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Thread: hey everyone im new

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    Question hey everyone im new

    Hi I am new to this site wondering if it would be ok if someone wore diapers just for the fun of it nothing more much over just being a Diaper lover is it ok?
    I been kinda thinking about doing this for awhile now though, do you guys think I should do it?

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    I relocated your thread because it was really more of a diaper question than an introduction and I expect it will get more of the right kind of views here. You may wish to take another stab at an introduction thread. If you do, this thread can be a great help in putting a good introduction together.

    To answer your question, I think it's okay and I expect most people here will think it's okay to wear just for fun. It is unusual behavior, though. I wouldn't go around advertising it, but it doesn't hurt anyone.

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    First and foremost Welcome...

    We are here to be supportive and accepting of the things you have listed.

    Just wanting to wear diapers occasionaly is fine with all of us. We list so many sides or fetishes on this site, which (You can just be into one of them). Reading and exploring on this site is the best way or finding HOW you can explore your fantises safely and conveniently. And most importantly with support if someone finds out and disapproves... So happy exploring.

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    Welcome dude! ye its normal here anyway lol have fun joining in on the fourms

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    Being a dl is OK that's how well I got started into becoming an AB. So welcome and have fun

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    And if that's what you like to do, then it sure is OK by all! We are a support site We are all different and have things we like to do with or without our diapers. So if just wearing them makes you happy, then wear away!

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    Welcome!!! I'm the same way and I think it's ok.

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    Of course it's okay! If you makes you feel good, and it doesn't interfere with your not-so-private life, then why not? It's okay to have a kink and some fun

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    Hi welcome to ADISC. So could you tell more about yourself like what your hobbies or intrest and don't be shy

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    Hi, how are you?
    It is definitely okay for you to like them, you can like whatever you want! It took me a while to realise it was okay too. Tell us more about yourself!

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