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Thread: Square One! Anyone else remember that show from the 80's?

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    Default Square One! Anyone else remember that show from the 80's?

    I know most people might not remember this show but I sure do! They parodied everything with math that was popular at the time including Pac-Man with Math-Man and they also had a kick-ass Math version of Dragnet called Mathnet... Recently I was talking to some friends of mine who I grew up with and we got to discussing this show for some reason!

    I remember watching it on PBS as a kid with my sisters after my speech therapist at the time told my mom about it and I got hooked on it even if I was not into math. At least the show made it fun...

    I know I sound old by referrring to it but this show was a prized and cherished part of my childhood. Mathnet was my favorite part of the show to be honest and there are videos on YouTube of Mathnet... brings a smile to my face as I look back on the year 1987 with a smile on my face.

    I wonder if anyone else remembers this blast from the past too....


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    yes i remember it. the actress who does the voice of lisa on the simpsons was in it

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    And James Earl Jones played the chief, Thad Green. I just love going through old favorites of my childhood like this... brings back some of the best memories.


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