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Thread: Nintendo blows our minds again...Nindendo 3DS XL!?!?

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    Default Nintendo blows our minds again...Nindendo 3DS XL!?!?

    This is madness from Nintendo...They are so nuts out of disbelief.

    Today while on my Nintendo 3DS, I got this note from Nintendo saying that they will release a super sized version of the Nintendo 3DS.

    I did some research on this crazyness and its true[google search: ¨Nintendo 3DS XL¨ or go to Nintendo Direct]they are serious about least its not a disaster with the high prices that the 3DS was[$249.99...*shivers*]

    From what I read from the research:
    It will be released in the US on August 18 for $199.99 and yes,I plan to get it so I will show you this HUGE 3D screen ,netbook/handheld videogame system when I get it

    Let start this discussion you cool kinky/fetish people about the Nintendo 3DS XL!!!!!

    I wish I could post pictures on this.

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    I'm just not getting the zen of Nintendo's dual-screen philosophy. I've played with a DS, and I find the second screen to be more of an annoying quirk--a way of simply stuffing more screen into a small package--than a revolution. Consequently, I'm a tad befuddled by the Wii U. Did anybody react to its announcement with "FINALLY! A auxiliary six-inch screen to complement my 50-inch HDTV!!" But I digress...

    I want a Nintendo version of the PSP that can play Wii[Ware] and Virtual Console titles. No second screen. Just a straight-up, compact Nintendo console that plays ordinary games.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaChar View Post
    This is madness from Nintendo.
    In short: I agree.

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    I had wanted a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday (it's a late gift) but now I want the 3DS XL!!! that is soo awesome!! I have a DS Lite that has Hello Kitty for the skin but I have really been wanting a 3DS. Now that they have the new one out, I would love to have it instead. I also heard a new Wii is coming out too! They never stop! I am sad though that PS2 games have basically been made obsolete, since you can't play them on PS3's. Sucks! We love PS2 games and there are still some PS1 games I adore that have never been remade. I also miss some of the N64 games too!

    Sorry for all the rambling, it just brings back soo many memories!

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    What's wrong with the Wii U... It's not there wasn't some GameCube games that expected you to multiplay with GBAs...
    Having a personal controller screen can be useful, even if it's unnecessary.

    3DS XL doesn't seem worth getting unless you have a disposable income or don't have a 3DS yet, but people should be used to DS rereleasing new versions of itself by now.

    And anyway, why would you want a Nintendo PSP when you can just get a PSP, or PS Vita...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
    What's wrong with the Wii U... It's not there wasn't some GameCube games that expected you to multiplay with GBAs...
    There were a few games that could talk to the GBA, but none that required it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
    And anyway, why would you want a Nintendo PSP when you can just get a PSP, or PS Vita...?
    To play Nintendo games, of course! I'm not expecting Mario and Zelda on the PSP anytime soon. I think the PSP is a fine piece of hardware, but none of the Sony franchises every really did anything for me. My PS3 is my Blu-ray player, for the most part.

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    If you wanted to play multiplayer in games like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles or Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, you needed multiple GBAs and GBA/GameCube cables...

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    Oh man! The same handheld console being released a second time, but this time the screen is just a bit larger?! Sign me up! They did this with the DS, and here we are again. It prints money!

    Sounds like Nintendo is going into the money loving side of things.

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    the thing about both screens being 90% bigger means the games will be stretched. The games are designed for the first 3DS so you'll be at the same resoultion but on screens nearly twice as big. In that case it *might* look blurry depending on how well the screens are designed.

    Anyways it's hilarious Nintendo said they didn't

    't have a new 3DS planned for E3 just to prove a magazine from japan that constantly leaks new products. Nope, they pulled it from E3 and just unveiled it a week later. :P

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