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Thread: Would they fit me?

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    Default Would they fit me?

    Alright I asked this a long time ago but got my waist size wrong, so here I am again. Would pampers cruisers fit me? I have a 28" waist and I weigh 144 pounds @ 5' 7".

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    i dont think so... its hard to imagine you could even fit into goodnites

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    You could stretch the tabs well enough to reach, and they would most likely fit like a belted undergarment. The would be a bit tight, though. My suggestion would be to use them like you would a pad, under a cotton brief for the most discrete protection. At that point, it will be very unlikely that you'll feel them. Still, the extreme thinness of Pampers would be better than not having something there to keep your skin dry and comfortable. And a Cruiser 7 would definitely cover more area than any pad that Tena or Depend offers.

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    Of course, you are larger than a toddler, so they will certainly not fit you as they would a toddler! That said, you have a small waist, and I don't think you would have any trouble putting on Pampers Cruisers 7. GoodNites and larger diapers will obviously perform better for somebody of your size. Still, if you're inclined to try the Pampers, I say: Why not? Your chances of comfortably wearing actual baby diapers only go downhill from here.

    My $0.02.

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    yes they would fit but they would be tight.

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    I'm pretty sure you could fit into the cruisers size 7, although you would probably just squeeze into them. Also, contrary to what pilot1604 says, you will definitely fit into Goodnites.

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    Yes definitely will fit cruisers 7 as I can 42' waist 226 lbs. If I can fit into a 7 3 way fit by the way you defintley fit have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtripp View Post
    42' waist
    You have a 42 foot waist?! 0_O Hehe, just kidding :P

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