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Thread: An new introduction with pictures!!!!!!

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    Lightbulb An new introduction with pictures!!!!!!

    What do they say, pictures speak a thousand words? Here's a bunch of me: Self-Portraits pictures by cuallito - Photobucket

    I'm not terribly good at describing myself so please ask questions!

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    Day in the sand, sounds like fun lol

    Anyway welcome n enjoy, hope u have fun n stuff.

    I'll ask the questions to help u out ^_^

    do you have any hobbies?

    what do you do for fun?

    where are you at in life (not like area like.... How are you living good happy where u r, I have plentlt of fun, my life stly is??? Etc) also this one is optional <---

    Not that hard, just say wat u can :-) welcome n njoy the stay.

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