I went to Walgreens thinking I'm going to buy some more depends maximum protection only to find out they got rid of them. There is now the underwear and boxer looking garments on the shelves for the depends brand. I saw they had the Certainty brand and I bought them. When I got home I found out I had bought the adjustable underwear, pullups basically. So I went to a CVS and made doubly sure that they were the fitted diaper type. I tried the pullup and they are horrible. They don't hold in odor at all and I was always afraid I would miss the padding when I went. I don't recommend them for guys. At least I'm able to easily turn them into stuffers for the cvs brand diaper. The cvs brand is pretty good but it doesn't have as much padding in the front as the depends max protection. I do like the feel of them though. Does any happen to know if the certainty fitted diapers have more padding in the front than cvs brand diapers?