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Thread: one question about goodnites

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    Question one question about goodnites

    I know Goodnites diapers do not look like baby diapers. But does diapers Goodnites feel just like baby diapers?

    I'd like to know that because as I can not fit well in baby diapers, I want to know if Goodnites diapers (those that fit me well) feel like the others, because I want to feel the feeling it gives me a baby diaper.

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    Sorta depends on what you mean, from what I know goodnites do tend to have the same cloth texture as Huggies. I personally haven't dabbled in baby diapers or goodnites (I'm too large), so I can only speak from the experience I have in feeling them with my hands. I wouldn't use them for large wettings though.

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    I haven't tried baby diapers but I have worn good nights and they were comfy and look so cute.

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    I have tried baby nappies and they can be a bit too small to strap on, however I haven't tried drynites/goodnites yet and I am looking forward to buy some tomorrow and to find out myself, I've heard the boys and girls ones are different in the padding as the boys ones are absorbant at the front, while the girls ones are stretchier at the sides and more absorbant inbetween the legs.

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    Baby diapers tend to be thin, and not very thick. Goodnites however are much thicker and comfortable than baby diapers are. The only drawback for Goodnites is, it leaks if you're not careful.

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    I wear goodnites and I'm not sure if they feel like baby diapers because I don't wear baby diapers. Generally goodnites are comfortable. If you are a guy its gonna be harder to put them on. Be careful of leaks. The first one I used I flooded it. The second one lasted through a couple wettings. If you lie down and let the pee move to the back of the diaper it won't leak as much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurlay View Post
    ...from what I know goodnites do tend to have the same cloth texture as Huggies.
    Perhaps a while back, but not anymore. GoodNites are now made more like Pampers products, with a cloth-like backing over a thin plastic diaper. The backing on the current GoodNites is very soft--not at all like the papery texture of Huggies diapers. I'll still give the softness award to UnderJams and Easy-Ups, though.

    As for whether GoodNites feel like baby diapers: As somebody who uses both fairly regularly, I'll have to say... yes and no. On babies, a well-fitting diaper usually comes up to the bellybutton and has a roomy crotch area to hold poop. GoodNites are meant to feel like underwear; they're supposed to ride lower and fit snugly. If you could shrink to the size of a toddler and put on a Huggies diaper, I think you'd probably find it quite a different feeling. So where does the "yes" part of my answer come in? Well, because I'm neither a toddler nor a younger teen, baby diapers and GoodNites are both quite small and tight on me. It might be hard for me to say which I was wearing if I didn't already know.

    How they perform is a very different matter! Despite that GoodNites are clearly more absorbent than Pampers Cruisers 7, they almost always leak on me because the crotch is too narrow. I seldom leak in Pampers unless I tempt fate and flood them.

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