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Thread: Is this manipulation?

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    Default Is this manipulation?

    I wanted to get my diaper changed by my dad (husband). But I knew the only way I could have it done was go in the bedroom and talk about me wearing diapers and our life style and lie on the bed so he will get turned on and want to have sex with me. That was the only way I would get my diaper changed. He got so turned on, he gave in and lifted up my dress and pulled down my plastic pants and took off my diaper and cleaned me up. Then he had sex with me and then diapered me when we were through. But I had to do the last two tapes because he was in lot of pain due to his back. But I got what I wanted.

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    That is most definitely manipulation.

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    Yes, because you used your looks and an offer of intercourse to get him to do something he would not do otherwise.

    Most people confuse manipulation and convincing someone to be the same thing and then do not see the errors of there ways when they do it and keep on doing it.

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    Well without knowing too much of the exact specifics of your relationship (other than the Domm Sub thing you've hinted at in various threads) I read that as some part of that interaction. In the context of Domm-Sub, it's not really manipulation or devious in my book as power plays are part of the experience. I'm not reading this in the context as purposeful manipulation to be devious or controlling in a negative way. I'm reading this as fun power plays.

    I guess I'm unsure of the context of the question.
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    I'd call it manipulation but given he's your husband, he's changed you before and he's interested in it I wouldn't call it a big deal. Though, he might not see it that way either. But really, he got to change his wife and have sex with her to me it just seems like it's more then likely a possible win-win.

    now on that note, can we get the term "Diaper Whore" more widely accepted? (Sarcasm.)

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    Wives manipulate husbands and vice versa all the time. No big deal. Its not like you were getting a stranger to do it under false pretenses.

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    Cool. I figured it was but that manipulation isn't a bad thing. Not all manipulation is bad. Plus he knew my agenda because I told him. I think I am going to be doing this more often unless he says he hurts too much. If not, oh well, I guess this is a gray area for manipulation because it's all opinions about if it was or wasn't.

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    If you're wondering if something is manipulation, the question to ask is: "Was I perfectly clear with my intentions?" If so, then you're simply making a request. If not, it is manipulation. (And remember, just because it's clear to you, doesn't necessarily mean it's clear to him. A lot of guys, such as myself, don't pick up on things unless we're told very, very plainly!)

    As others have said, manipulation isn't always a bad thing, but only you and your husband know for sure. It's important to make sure he's totally OK with everything. Ask very clearly. There's nothing wrong with what you're asking, and if he loves you, I'm sure he'll be happy to change your diaper. Just make sure you're both on the same page.

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    My husband loves changing my diapers because it turns him on. To him it's sexual and part of having sex. He wants sex every time he does it because it turns him on. So I can take advantage of it. If he is in too much pain to do it, I wouldn't come in and try and make him get turned on causing him more pain. I can't be selfish.

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