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Thread: Erm big mess... help?

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    Default Erm big mess... help?

    Hey, I've had a very stressful week and emotional day. After letting my hair down I decided it was time to diaper up and chill.

    So here I am, diapered.

    Except I messed myself. I had a big mess waiting and a really bad stomach ache, couldn't be bothered to take off my diaper knowing I'd have to get a new one so just went.

    I didn't think this far though. It is a huge mess and chances are I'm going to need to shower and dispose of this as quickly as possible when I change.

    Unfortunately, I don't know when my dad is going to go to bed. He's downstairs on his computer.

    I'm going to be in this diaper for quite a while, until before I got to bed.

    What's the best way of getting rid of this? Thoughts?

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    You could always try placing the diaper in plastic bag, and then in another one. Then you could place it in your trash bin, and take out the trash.

    There is always the option of hiding it somewhere and disposing of it the next day, but you will have to deal with the smell for a while, and even then the smell could linger in your room for the next day.

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    Okay, if you're not on the same floor as him and you are on the same floor as the bathroom then grab a plastic bag (if you have one), wait for an opportune moment, and quickly rush to the bathroom and close the door. If it has a lock, use it. Then, remove the diaper and dump the solid contents into the toilet and flush. Wrap the diaper up and hide it in the bathroom somewhere (Put it in the plastic bag if you had access to one). You could even put it into the trash can for the time being. Then unlock the door and turn on the shower (your dad finding a poop-filled diaper is not as bad as him being unable to get to you if you fall in the shower). If he comes into the bathroom and inquires about the smell, blame it on the massive dump that you totally just took in the toilet. Get into the shower and wash yourself off. Return to your room as normal and get dressed. If you didn't have a plastic bag before, this is the time to go get one. Tie up the diaper and wait for a good moment to transport it to a better hiding spot. Later, when your dad (and everyone else) is asleep, take it outside and dispose of it.

    DO NOT WAIT for your dad to go to sleep while you still have the poopy diaper on, poop has a very penetrating smell in the open air and he will probably notice it.

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    There you are, you have the best advise available and in only two posts.
    I do not think I would have done a number 2 in your situation, I would have waited untill no one was and would be around for a while.
    First rule, think things out before taking action, making a mess in a diaper can be stinky, it can fill the rooms and even a house with the smell. If there are others in the house, like a parent or two be very carefull, the fall out could be more than you might want to cope with or face.

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    Hope you got away with this!

    I would never fill a diaper when there were other people in the house. The smell is just too pervasive.

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    Doesn't anyone realize this has to have been resolved somehow by now?

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    I think the last post implied that it was already resolved and the others are in a reasonable time-span of each other such that they might have been applicable to the OP. Nothing wrong with wanting to follow up on the situation.

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    I suggest you to put it in a carrier bag or nappy bag to cover the strong smelling odor, then quickly put it in the bin.
    I also wouldn't mess or wet in it when someone who doesn't approve it is in the house such as my parents. I also agree with that icyfire stated 'the smell is just too pervasive' and I imagine it would blow your cover, if he walked into your room suspecting a strong odor and wouldn't be a good sign at all, you would be basically screwed.

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    You could double bag it and put it in the garbage out side. Thats what i do It works well. At least i havent been caught yet. Has anyone ever been caught in a messy diaper??

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