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    So last week I ordered a case of Abena Abri Wings and was expecting the to be delivered today, only problem is I wasn't going to be home (talk about stressing me out). So it ends up my dad was home to get the case and he calls me at work and say "what the hell is in that big ass box you had sent here" my response " I think I'm going to apply to chefs college in Ottawa so it was a big box of infomation and books, now just put the box up on my bed and leave it alone" lmao needless to say it was diapers but my parents now think I'm wanting to go to chefs college. Talk about clueless! Lmao

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    That's... a pretty weird choice of lie. I mean, unless you actually have an interest in chef's college won't some questions get raised pretty quickly?

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    Hmmm...... That could be an interesting one to get out of. How do you plan to get out of your 'interest' in chef's college? Or do you have a genuine interest?

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    Now what do you do when they ask to see the pamphlets/books you got for chef's college?

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    If you're going to use that sort of lie, I would generally suggest you say it was something you actually already have. You know, so it's plausible and doesn't invite further probing questions...................?

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