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Thread: 33Kv Fuse Blew In My Backyard

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    Default 33Kv Fuse Blew In My Backyard

    I was sitting about 20 feet away when the fuse blew out on the 33Kv transformer in our backyard, then I wet myself.... Squirrel got cooked too.

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    Oh my gosh, that sucks! I would have been scared if that happened so randomly. Good thing you wear diapers.

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    Poor smoked furball. We had a windstorm drop some branches on the power lines near our house a while back. Those fuses go like a gunshot! The linemen then decided to install the new fuse before clearing all of the branches, so... gunshot #2! Good grief.

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    Lolol dat tail hanging off the edge. Squirrel's just hangin out on the box, no taxidermist required!

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    What was odd is he woke up after 10 minutes a moved around a bit. I didn't see any burn marks on him. Hes still up there but I think he died.

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    Well I don't think the Squirel woke up, it was probably the electricity jolting through it's muscles causing spasms. Poor Squirel. I've seen when those power transformers blow up, sounds between a gun shot and small explosion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skunk053 View Post
    Well I don't think the Squirel woke up, it was probably the electricity jolting through it's muscles causing spasms.
    After he woke up, he tried to jump off but chickened out, so I think he was just knocked out, but still died after an hour.

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    It's more likely that the squirrel had a sort of rodent "heart attack", the amount of power going through one of those transformers (33Kv) is more than enough to blow him up extra crispy style. No way would he have moved again. However those power lines I can see in the pic seem a little thin to be 33Kv, what use would that voltage be at the residential level of the grid. Maybe the high voltage is to accommodate the higher level of current you guys use? :/

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    Working for an energy company all my adult years, I know transformers are usually equipped with "squirrel guards" - actually an insulator with a little more length to it - where the high voltage lead enters to lessen the chance of squirrels and other critters from contacting the grounded transformer and hot wire at the same time. Guess this squirrel was too smart for his/her own good and managed to find a way to defeat the safety device anyway. Sorry to hear the poor squirrel died in that way. I'll bet that sound put the scare in you enough to wet yourself!


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    I kinda find it hilarious if the only thing to get hurt was the rodent. Anyways did the power in the area go out or is there a failsafe to prevent that from happening in these kinds of instances? Also if there was a surge or anything please tell me your retro microwaves are fine...

    Lastly I think I may of found the rodents cousin, well if there's anything left of him.

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