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Thread: realisations though opening yourself

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    Wink realisations though opening yourself

    I was wondering what / how many of us have though opening ourselves to or just accepting our selves as an ab/dl ect. have become better people and learned accepted or anything of the sort happen

    i for example used to greatly be afraid of gays trans any of that and though doing my research on learning more about dl (didnt know of ab/tb at the time) i learned about riley kilo and at first i thought "thats a very attractive girl" and even after finding out about the hormones and all and for once in my life it was no anger for liking her it wasent eww or anything she explains it really well how she feels about herself and thats helped me get over my fear/ anger and all
    so i thank you riley kilo

    so like i said how many others have had there own realisation

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    When realizing that I wasn't the only one that was abdl* et cetera person, I felt less alone. Although I never did not accept myself as I was, I just knew that it was something I shouldn't tell anyone about. But when realizing that other people were like myself I felt that it wasn't wrong and that I was "normal" as far as "normal" goes. So in short I realized that I was ok, there was nothing wrong with me and I could be accpeted by people who were like me.

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    I believe that it's paramount to not only do that (opening-up, and realizations), but that we keep doing a continuing process...DL, IC, exploring alternate 'dress', and so many other things...seeing the many possible perspectives. Like accepting others to be different, whether or not it be something we'd choose for ourselves...I think it helps us accept ourselves more...and so on.

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    I began embracing my adult baby side just a few months ago, in the time I've been on ADISC. For me, it's been really transforming. The big change I've noticed is a much deeper acceptance of self. For the longest time, I tried to change myself, thinking I was practicing some horrible evil. When I realized this wasn't true, and that being an AB is fine so long as it's moderated, I found I didn't beat myself up over my desires any more, and didn't think of myself as unworthy. It's also impacted the most important part of my life: how I relate to God. I see that being an AB doesn't change my status in His eyes, and that has given me so much more joy and peace. It's been a wonderful change!

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