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Thread: My Very First Introduction

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    Smile My Very First Introduction

    Hello everyone

    I started to join this site because I like to read other users dl experiences and to meet other dl users like myself.

    I hope to hear from you too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel8964 View Post
    Hello everyone

    I started to join this site because I like to read other users dl experiences and to meet other dl users like myself.

    I hope to hear from you too.
    Hello, hello, hello! Welcome! So pleased to see another UK'er - we're catching up to all the foreigners on here!

    How are you? Well? Not so well? Sad? Bemused?

    We like to really get to know our new members when they join, so... I have questions for you! Answer them... Or else! *insert evil laugh here*

    ... Do you have any hobbies?
    ... Do you work/study? Doing what?
    ... What do you prefer, socks or pants?
    ... If you were a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?
    ... If you owned the moon, what would you do with it?

    Welcome again! Hope to see you around the place! And don't forget to holler if you have any questions!

    Dan x

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    I'm fine, thanks, yourself?

    According to your questions.

    My hobbies are basically listening to music, making music (using my electric guitar, keyboard for atomspheric synthsizers and a microphone), playing video games, DIY -is where most of the handmade creativity comes into my mind- (altering my clothes to a dark alternative style that I'm comfortable wearing and expressing myself in way I want e.g painting, add studs, sewing badges or whatever comes to my mind to spring some ideas out of the box) Going online on my laptop and Taxidermy is also a short hobby I have and a fondness for collecting animal bones and skulls.

    And for work or study- I do voluntary work at a Cafe called Giraffe every Monday starting from 12pm to 4pm. I do tasks such as doing the dishes, placing them back on the shelves, hoovering or any other task given by the other staff or volunteers. Also on a tuesdays I do go back to the cafe to attend to a 'social club' downstairs near where I do the dishes.

    What do I prefer. Socks or Pants? Pants, because I can add a sanitary towel inside them as a alternative when I don't have any nappies for my fetish pleasure.

    What would I be referred as, if I was the opposite sex? I'd commonly be referred as Danielle and is similar to Daniel.

    If I owned the moon, what would I basically own it for?- I could use it as another universe and to rebuild another society free from the dangers, ignorance and war in modern society. Anyone could enter, but there would be some boundaries to keep any hostile people at bay and a society where individuals can live without corruption, greed, gimmicks/scams (fake stories to make a profit) lies (no nonsense that society uses to cover up things that aren't actually true), prejudice, close mindedness and ignorance.

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