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Thread: where can i buy cloth diapers?

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    Default where can i buy cloth diapers?

    Hey I was wondering what stores I could buy adult cloth diapers from, preferebly prefold, I cannot order due to living with parents. Or what kind of good tape up adult diapers are good and where could I get them? Thanks !

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    Here's where I generally get mine:

    The AdultClothDiaper.Com Home Page

    As for brick and mortar stores, places like Target and Wallyworld will carry cloth baby diapers, which may or may not fit depending on your size. Unlikely you'd find plastic pants big enough. You might have to make do with plastic garbage bags and duct tape. (Which works pretty well, actually)

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    Adult cloth diapers are pretty much an online purchase only. Like Maxx suggested, is a good place. My favorite prefolds are from, and I'm auditioning some of the twill prefolds right now--quite nice also. Soooo... none of that matters if you can't order! You may be lucky to find some XL toddler prefolds (21 or 22" long before washing) in maternity stores, and with an extra pair of diaper pins, there are some very simple ways to make comfortable makeshift adult diapers from toddler prefolds. I used to do it all the time. But it's certainly not as nice as having a properly-sized adult prefold!

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