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Thread: Anyone works out?

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    Default Anyone works out?

    So I'm very excited I just maxed out I put up 260lbs that's my max flat bench one rep. My weight is 158lbs. Do you work out? Post your max bench and your weight. Or any kind of work out stats I need something to keep me working out it gives me willpower to stay with it just to know that I'm not the only DL that stays fit. Thanks

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    good lord my max is 215 and i weigh 185

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    I'm a weakling. I rely on leverage to pick super-heavy stuff up.

    Well, I don't lift weights anyway - I'm getting more fit but just with my own bodyweight. I don't know what I can bench because I've never tried but I imagine it's not a lot. But, I can do a lot of pushups and stuff.

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    I've gone under 12 hours at Ironman a few times......past age 50. No idea what I can bench press though.

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    I don't bench, and I cant give you any weight numbers right now. I haven't done weight training for a few months now. I was a second semester senior and I was living it up, gym wasn't a priority then,and summer hit and I sprained my wrist. Might start up again within the next few weeks, but it is still not quite 100% and Im not going to risk lifting weights on it for a few more weeks.

    I do run 5 miles/night and average about about 7:30 a mile, which is a comfortable, relaxing pace for me. If I pushed it I could cut 30 seconds off per mile, at least.

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    I also run but not fast I can only do a 8 min mile atm and that's when I try. Lol. 7:30 a mile for 5 miles is really good keep it up.

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    i dont know my mile but i run a 4,7 40 yard dash

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    Lets see.
    I'm a high school freshman
    I weigh 180.
    Max bench is 200
    Mile time is 6:52 last time I checked
    Max EZ Bar Curl is 85 pounds
    Max leg press is 580 (Probably could do more, just haven't tried.)

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