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Thread: I think im gonna tell my brother tonight that im a DL

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    Default I think im gonna tell my brother tonight that im a DL

    im gonna try to get up the courage to tell my brother. wether it goes good or goes bad i tell you guys and gals what happens just wish me luck. ill also tell you if dont do it.

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    If you think it's the right thing to do, then no one's stopping you, but may I ask why you have the urge to tell your brother in the first place? Honestly, even if he does think your DL interests are fine, the chances of you talking about it normally with him are pretty slim. I say this from experience, as I told my brother about my diaper affinity about two years was really awkward to tell the truth. He's fine with it and all, but all it really did was give us a few awkward moments together for the next few days.

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    cvilledperdyl and Natsu: are your brothers older than you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherub View Post
    cvilledperdyl and Natsu: are your brothers older than you?
    Nah, the brother I told was my little brother.

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    I think telling an older brother, assuming the brother loves you, would be easier and perhaps more appropriate. If you need the support from another family member, and you have a great relationship with that older brother, then that might be the thing to do. Telling a younger brother would be altogether different. Know that I'm not being critical or judgmental, but I'm suggesting to others that they think that through very carefully. One should question whether a younger brother is mature enough to handle that kine of information, and again one should have a strong understanding why they are telling.

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    dont know how my brother would feel. hes a pot head so it might go good but idk. the person I think would be most understanding is my sister. shes cool like that.

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    my brother smokes pot to so i was hopping he would understand more than any one else in my house

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