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Thread: Car Crash

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    Unhappy Car Crash

    So on this past Saturday, I was headed to a Junkyard with my dad to just go look around. We were stoped at a red light and as normal when it turned green we started to go. Thats when a Suburban ran the light slammed right into the passenger side of our Jeep Cherokee. Of course I was in the front passenger side which took the full force of the crash. All I can remember is looking over and my muscles tensing up, then I woke up in a room to be told that it was tuesday. My Right arm is broken in two places, My knee cap is busted, my right leg broken, I have several cracked ribs, and a Fractured CollarBone. I also have some really bad cuts on my face, and a large gash in my right arm.

    My Nurse said she was glad to see me awake, because they hadn't planned on me waking up for weeks. Apparently I was Air-Lifted to the hospital because I was losing a lot of blood.

    I simply consider myself lucky to be alive. A lot of my Friends and Family have been droping by, I'm supposed to return home by the end of the week.
    I guess I'll just have to get better and move on with my life, but this has deffinitly delayed some of my plans.

    Goodbye for now, BabyPikachu

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    Very sorry to hear about that. It sounds like you're doing better than they were expecting you to though. Hopefully the recovery process goes quickly for you.

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    I'm glad to see you are still with us.
    But with all injuries how long did it take to write this post? I'll bet quite some time.
    Well take it easy and don't push it. Your body will need time to heal.

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    I am also very happy that you are still with us today after going through such a traumatic incident! You are one blessed, or luck (which ever way you wanna look at it) young man! Just relax and let your body continue the healing process. We're not going anywhere and will be here when you come back. In the mean time, take care and get plenty of rest!

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    Pikachu=please get better soon. At least it happened in the summer so you won't miss any school this fall hopefully.

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    That's horrible Pikachu and I feel so sorry for you. When I was 14 I walked out in front of a car that was doing 40 mph. It broke both bones in my leg, put a sizable dent in my head and made my life miserable for more than half a year, so I know what you're going through. I hope you and your parents sue that ass hole so that you can get some compensation for pain and suffering, as well as all the future health problems which will result. I have trouble with my knees and my neck vertebrae are a mess. Just remember that you should be compensated for a lifetime of problems, not just the immediate ones. The only good thing about my injuries was that they kept me out of Vietnam. I was compensated by a small amount because he was running a red light.

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    Wow. Glad to have you back so quickly! Especially as opposed to never! It goes to show you never know when your number might be up. Keep your chin up. Do your rehab.

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    You're very lucky. I've been in a couple of accidents as a passenger as well, most recent happening 2 months ago. Friend and I were going to Wal-Mart, we had a green light, a guy in a truck turned on a red and cut us off then slammed on his brakes and we ended up rear ending him. I got a scar on my stomach from the seatbelt.

    Consider yourself very lucky. Those Suburbans are built like tanks and usually anything put in front of them don't end up too pretty afterwords. Get well soon.

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    Welcome back, BabyPikachu!!

    Glad to know you are still here with us & are now on the mend, take care of yourself & get well soon!! I hope your dad is ok too & whatever plans you had made, can wait until you are fully healed up, as you are more important!!


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    I"m sorry to hear that! I hope you get better soon, a car accident is no fun place to be.

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