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Thread: Speaking of Pedophiles/Child Molesters...

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    Default Speaking of Pedophiles/Child Molesters...

    Who has seen the latest over the father in Texas who caught a guy molesting his young daughter and then beat him to death? A grand jury has decided he was acting in self-defense of the child and the father won't face charges.

    Father Who Killed Daughter's Alleged Molester...

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    Sounds fair, but... A slippery slope to a dangerous precedent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    Sounds fair, but... A slippery slope to a dangerous precedent?
    Knowing how the simple protective attitude of a parent kicks in (being a parent myself), I would have done the same thing in that situation, and I expect most reasonable people would. Looking at the situation, it was not the blows that actually caused the death, but rather that the molester fell and hit his head on an object that caused the injury--the intent of the father was not to kill and it comes through in his phone calls to emergency services.

    Additionally, this is not an excuse for someone killing a molester after the fact--i.e. finding out your child was molested three years ago and going and killing the molester. This was catching the man in the act of sexual assault, where the man had his pants and underwear around his ankles and was forcibly removing the girl's clothing. Under the laws of that state, stopping a sexual assault in progress with the use of force (up to and including deadly force) is considered self-defense in the third person, especially when the person being assaulted is a minor child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    Sounds fair, but... A slippery slope to a dangerous precedent?
    Nope. Some things are grandfathered in from before civilization. This is one of them.

    It would be a waste of time to charge and try him anyway. Unless they managed to get a jury full of childless people and/or pedophiles, it would be impossible to get a conviction. And it would be career suicide for any prosecutor who tried it.
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    This sounds completely fair and just in my opinion. I would have done the same. Actually, I think the man should get an award for helping the community.

    The fact that they are not charging him has returned some of my faith to our system.

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    What bothers me is the fact that the parent had charges brought against him in the first place! I am soon to be a parent myself, and I can tell you I would do the same thing if i caught someone in the very act of sexually assaulting my child. And I would tell the police that I'd do it all over again to keep my child safe.

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    its time these preverts got whats comeing! there is no cure for these guys exept jail and death

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    No, I heard he didn't get any charges. They already took care of everything. No one wanted to waste time on that case. His daughter was getting raped, and he beat the hell out of him. Afterwards he called for help, because he beat him so badly he died.

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    Given the view many people have of Texas, I was talking about this with coworkers today about this and had someone ask me, "Where the hell would they find a jury in Texas to convict the father?!?"

    The next comment was that most of the jury panel would show up with a cocked pistol and want to add a bullet to the body of the molester.

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    Good for him. At least he tried to help the guy he punched and hit. It also sounds like he didn't mean to kill the guy.

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