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Thread: Going camping, Diaper for hot weather.

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    Default Going camping, Diaper for hot weather.

    I am going camping next week and I want to pack some diapers, but the problem is it's going to be hot out and I think it will be a little too hot in the diaper, I've mostly used plastic backed diapers and was thinking about getting some cloth backed ones.
    I was jut wondering what people recommended that I would be able to get at a Walmart or Walgreens. When I shop for diapers I try to be in and out as fast as I can so I don't really know what they have at the stores.
    I tried Walgreens ones once but didn't like them because the velcro tabs either didn't stick or would rip off the back. dont know if I got a bad pack or if they are all like that never tried them again.

    any suggestions would be appreciated, (and I do want a diaper not a pull-up)

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    if you sweat a lot you either better be prepared to change frequently or deal with very clumped up padding. Disposable just isn't going to work well no matter what you do. Do you mind (real) cloth?

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    Cloth is not a good option for camping. You have to either wash them in the nearest stream and hang them to dry, or keep a bunch of wet diapers until you can get to a wash machine. If you wash in a stream, you run a good chance of getting a rash or infection unless you boil them after washing.

    I camp a lot (including wilderness camping). Back in the days before I could get Abenas or Molicares, the only thing that worked for me was cloth. I used to wash and boil diapers every morning, and hope that they would be dry by bedtime. If it rained or I moved camp, it meant sleeping in a diaper that was still damp. Waking up in a wet sleeping bag is not an option.

    You should get underpads and pin them into your sleeping bag to catch any leaks.

    Use a pad (like a moli-form or abri-form) and a stretch pant. Much cooler. They take up a lot of valuable pack space, but it's worth it.

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    using lots of baby powder will help with the heat you wont sweat as much and will keep your diaper from clumping for a longer period of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superemt View Post
    using lots of baby powder will help with the heat you wont sweat as much and will keep your diaper from clumping for a longer period of time.
    I was already planing on it.

    One thing I thought of now is I will have the tent to myself, so I can wear only the diaper to bed and I may not be any hotter than wearing pj's. I may just not be able to wear during the day.

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    I suggest cloth made out of wool. Contrary to popular believe, wool is very breathable and will wick moisture away from the body, keeping you drier.

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    TommyTemper: where you from? I am in Wisconsin too. The only places I've camped have been in Shawno and Point Beach state park. How long of a camping trip are you going on? My average camping trip is 4 days.

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    So I ended up going to three stores after diapers, first I went to target and the don't have any briefs but I did buy some of their store brand pull-ups, they were a little better then most other cheep pull-ups I've tried but still only for light wetting.
    Next I went to walgreens and didn't see any diaper I wanted to try, but I did buy some baby wipes.
    Last I went to a medical supply store and bought some briefs with cloth backing, Kendall Wings Choice Plus, they seem to be a good diaper with good containment, and also revived free samples of pull-ups and male guards.

    as far as camping goes I was diapered 90% of the time, I only used the bathroom to poop, and once to pee at a point I wanted a dry diaper on and didn't want to change.

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    Where did you go? I recently went camping at Allegany State Park.

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