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Thread: Reducing noise with plastic pants?

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    Default Reducing noise with plastic pants?

    So I use plastic pants whenever I wear diapers now mainly because on a 3rd wetting often my diaper will leak ever so slightly at the 'bum area' where it isn't so tight xD Anyway, I'm planning to at some point finally go out in public diapered It seems to me like they're pretty noisy when I'm in my pj's, any way of reducing the noise? I thought of putting some boxers on over them, thoughts?

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    Anything's noisy under pyjamas/night wear. If you wear a nappy under jeans, and perhaps boxers for even more discretion, there's virtually no chance of noticeable sound, especially somewhere there is background noise anyway.

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    There are boxer shorts partially made out of lycra. These are a bit more expensive often, but I am sure this will help you. They hold your plastic pants tightly to your body -hence- avoiding noise. Look at Pull-In underwear to give it a go. Very nice but also quite expensive. I am sure there are alternatives, but hey, the printings are excellent too ! ;-)

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    A pair of tight boxer-briefs over the top will kill any sound, even with plastic pants.

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    I used to wear regular briefs over my diaper which helped quite a bit. I work in an office environment and aside from one or two pairs of thin dress slacks, the sound is very minute. Usually I'm the only one that can hear it because I'm listening for it. My partner has told me on several occasions that it isn't audible to a level where people would notice. Even if they did, they wouldn't suspect. The same goes for that feeling that your rear is bulging from the bulk of the diaper. I always swear I feel a big puff back there, but he says you can't ever tell except on the rare occasion where I try to wear a pair of pants/shorts that are a bit too tight.

    While wearing sweats or pajamas ... yeah, give it up. You can't hide the noise in them; the fabric is too thin.

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    Yes, bulk is manageable as long as you are sensible with the choice of nappy and avoid tight trousers etc.

    If you're around strangers in public, it's very unlikely anyone will notice anything unless they're actually looking for it, or you are careless in letting it show.

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