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    Hey everyone. One of my friends is a TB, so I thought I would come on the sight and learn a bit more about it.

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    Best way to learn is to read. Remember, if someone's name is orange or red, don't associate them with the rest of us, for the most part.

    Good on you for coming here to find things out though!

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    That's cool. Good to hear of some supportive friends out there! You will probably learn a lot about this specific topic from this site.

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    there's an excellent article in our wiki for anyone interested in learning a little bit more about what this stuff is all about.

    feel free to start some threads or just post around in the forum if you have any questions. it's cool that you're so supportive of your friend!

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    Haha welcome!
    I always wanted a friend that was interested enough to come into the community and converse :P


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