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    So I took a little longer lunch today. I don't work too far from home and decided to go there at lunch time to enjoy a diaper. Before I left my office I went to the restroom and slipped on a Tena Men's and went to my car. While driving the 15 minutes to get home I managed to wet my diaper twice. Once I got off the freeway and onto the city streets I started messing in my diaper.

    By the time I got home the diaper was so nice and warm, bulky, wet, and fairly well filled in the rear. It felt so neat walking from my car into the house with a wet and loaded diaper. I love the feel!

    Does anyone else take advantage of thier diapers at lunch time like this? I don't get to do it all that often, but it is great when I can.

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    I wouldn't mess in my car.. I'd be too afraid the smell would linger.

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    I wouldn't mess - I'd be too afraid something went wrong and I'd get stuck in a messy diaper for longer than I wanted (both for the smell and the feel, neither of which I'll normally put up with for more than a couple of minutes). You should be aware that the smell of a messy diaper is quite pervasive and noticeable by those around you.

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