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    Hi, my name is Lee and I am an 18 year old TB.

    I'm here to make friends.

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    Hey and welcome. Please tell us more about yourself. What do you like to do?

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    Hi Lee
    Nice to meet you. What hobbies do you have? Do you like music?

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    Hi Lee welcome to ADISC. So lee could you tell more about yourself like what your like or hobby and don't be shy

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeonRat View Post
    Hi, my name is Lee and I am an 18 year old TB.

    I'm here to make friends.

    Hi! I, too, am from the Not-So-United Kingdom - perhaps we should stick together in case the whole place goes tits up?

    How's it going? Are you happy? Sad? Melancholy? Well done, regardless, for finding us here! We've been waiting for you for ages! (I was proper shouting your name and everything - think you had your headphones in, though, and you were like, walking away from me, so... Heh, whatever - maybe you weren't ignoring me)

    We like to know our members better than the obvious 'thing-in-common-we-all-have' so... To make it up to me you can answer my questions! (Do I expect you to talk? No Mister Bond, I expect you to die!)

    Ok, ready... Set... Go!

    ... If you had a koala bear, what would you call it? (A very hard question, I think, because you feel obliged for the name to truly reflect the damn cuteness of the thing!)
    ... Favourite band/artist?
    ... Popcorn or poppers?
    ... When was the last time you put an item of clothing on back-to-front?
    ... How did you discover your TB side?
    ... Do you laugh when people fall over? (Yes, that includes old people and toddlers - they're people so they're fair game!)

    That is all - and if you don't respond to this thread, be sure I will hunt you down in PM til you damn well sit and answer my questions! Muahahaha

    Welcome here 'Lee' Have fun, look around, make friends and contribute Oh, and holler if you get lost and stumble into the furries' den - we'll beat them off for you!

    Dan x

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