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Thread: Diaper Identification Assistance (Possible New Diaper?)

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    Default Diaper Identification Assistance (Possible New Diaper?)

    I saw this diaper on a seperate website (not sure if I should even be showing this (could not find the post rules) ): Click image for larger version. 

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    and I can't figure out what brand it could be, assuming it's a baby diaper. This is where it gets interesting, because as you can see, it isn't in the normal folded baby diaper shape (a folded baby diaper is more rectangular). This one is folded more like an adult diaper (it's squarer). You can notice the leg cuffs on the diaper to the left folded twice - once backward, and again folded inward. So if this is a baby diaper, it is quite an odd form and design, not to mention the big word, "Baby," across the front.

    We all know (or should know by now) that ABU is hosting a poll for which diaper print they should do next and that one choice, the babyfur print diaper, is on that list. For most of the time during this poll (still ongoing), the babyfur print option has been in the lead by a few percent. Is it possible that this could be the babyfur print diaper that is in that poll? It could just be my hopes that it is (I like the design :P).

    If this is all just a crazy theory of mine, I apologize if this gets anyone's hopes up XD

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    I don't think its a baby diaper because of the tri-fold and the size vs that pacifier in the top left corner of picture. It could be what you think it is, until there's actually email from ABU we won't know for sure unless the person that took that picture explains what it is.

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    It does seem to be a larger-size diaper, although pictures can be deceiving. Basically the only thing I can be sure on, is that it looks like a cloth-backed diaper. Not sure if ABU would create something that is, in a way, similar to Bambino.

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    I know its not a Bambino...and ABU's only new diaper is the cloth backed cushie...

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    Guys. A little bit of research on diaperspace reveals this comment from the original picture poster:

    "Yes they are Adult size large, I may make them out of the walmart brand."

    It's amazing what a bit of AB ingenuity can produce, but a new diaper, no. I think not.

    Sorry to rain on everyone's parade :X.

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    Yeah, I asked him how he made it and he said that he is going to post a video on how he did it. I still have my doubts that he made it himself.

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