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Thread: Late night walks!

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    Default Late night walks!

    Hello everyone, it's been quite some time since I have been on here.

    Lately I have found something about wearing thats seems to never get old. I'm sure many of us will drink more water then we need while wearing & enjoy it from there. Typically I wear at night late and when I'm wearing & need to pee sometimes I just go out for a nice late night walk with black or darker pants/shorts. I've found it to be more exciting to just go for a walk and see how long I can make it until there is no option but to use my diaper. I've even tried this with black basketball shorts without a diaper on for fun.

    Does anyone else do this, or experiment with something that makes wearing more fun?
    ..or maybe I'm just crazy ^_^

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    Your not crazy... I do late night and even early morning walks around the neighborhood in diapers and dark sweatpants... since my back yard is fenced for privacy I sometimes even sit outside at night with only a diaper on! I feel a sence of freedom while doing this. One time i even stopped by a park and enjoyed a swing for a few minutes on a late night walk. Good times!

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    I shall be trying this, I've had a lot of free time lately especially at night so I'm thinking of going on a walk or a bike ride late at night haha. I forgot how much I love to walk.

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    I just had a health screening done (blood work check-up) where they check the different things in your blood. My numbers all came back pretty good. But I want to start exercising more, so I might start doing late night or early morning walks. And hey,,,if I am diapered,,all the more fun it will be, LOL

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    I may have to try that. I love late night walks, and the idea of combining them with diapers sounds great. Especially since my neighbor hood is generally very safe, so it would be totally relaxing

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmann300 View Post
    I've found it to be more exciting to just go for a walk and see how long I can make it until there is no option but to use my diaper. I've even tried this
    Given how most of us on adisc are males, you could easily just take a leak somewhere semi-private. Especially if your walking on some type of path. though it's illegal to do so I guess but really not that hard to get away with.

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    I have been actually walking around at night with diapers on for some time now but haven't actually done it yet. I live in a small town where it is really quiet at night. Everyone seems to go to bed around mid night here.

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    I did try that one morning to walk up to the store and get something to drink,but on the way back I couldn't help feeling paranoid that people could see my bulge.

    The best walk is on a nature trail and I live by quite a few of those...thanks for the idea bro!

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    Oh man, good times were had. Hit me up when you aren't at work!!!!

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