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Thread: Hello [Again?] or Returning From the Great Blue Yonder

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    Default Hello [Again?] or Returning From the Great Blue Yonder

    Hi everyone!

    I have my doubts that anyone remembers me, but for my sake, it would be pretty cool if someone pretended that they do. I was pretty active around these parts for a while roughly three years back (wow) and appreciated the support this community offered me in those crazy times. Life got a little busy for a while and my involvement here (or anywhere else online) was grudgingly sacrificed as a result. Now I'm back, a few years wiser (ha!) and no longer a teen, but still very much into this whole AB/DL thing of course and hoping to get involved here a bit again.

    So a bit about me: I'm an eager university student with a love for history, literature, and semi-intelligent conversation. I love school and learning - that whole scene. However, there are also fun things about me. I am a very big music fan with a love for all things new wave, alternative, indie, power pop and my fair share of guilty pleasures as well (no need to name names for those I hope). Basically, any money I come by is spent on CDs, LPs, and concerts, so if you want to geek out about music with me, that would be pretty cool. I'm also a singer/songwriter/guitarist and spend most of my free time doing that type of thing. I might be classified as a big sports fan as well (especially soccer and hockey) and enjoy few things more than kicking/throwing a ball around with friends. Get me talking about one of these things that I'm passionate about and it can be a bit difficult to get me to stop. Besides these hobbies, I love to spend time with my awesome friends and my equally awesome boyfriend.

    I'm excited to gradually work my way back into this community a bit and hope to progress to the point where I am no longer a total newbie again, but I also know that I probably won't be able to spend hours a day on here either. In any case, I hope I get to know some of you somewhat and that I have something remotely insightful to say once in a while. This is kind of indecently long already, so I'm wrapping it up. Thanks for reading!

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    Hey Ben, great re-introduction! I DO remember the screen name from 3 years ago, but not much else. You sound like my kind of person - intellectual, intelligent conversation, school and learning. Although I am long out of school, I fantasize about being back in the Unviversity scene again. I think I would study languages and history this time, if I went back. By the way, does your boyfriend know about your ABDL side? What got you interested? Anyway, welcome back and hope to hear more from you

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    Hi Ben
    Welcome back and thanks for the great Bio. Very nicely done.

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    Good to see you back. I was just wondering what became of you a couple weeks ago.

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    Wow, some people do kind of remember me! Awesome. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! It already feels great to back around here.

    MyWorld, I'm definitely savoring the last little bit of my undergraduate and drawing it out as much as I can because I love being involved in an academic community, but I think there will also be more schooling in my future at some point to further extend my intellectual dabbling. Regarding the boyfriend question, I've been pretty honest about this whole thing with him, and though he's not exactly an AB/DL, he's not appalled or entirely repelled by it either. In short, we've tried to meet each other in the middle regarding our sexual interests, which can occasionally be a touch unfulfilling for both of us but is generally a fair and satisfying compromise. I've been into this AB/DL-related stuff for as long as I remember and it's not going anywhere, so it's great to have found a partner who is relatively accommodating and open-minded and awesome in a lot of other ways too. I'm sure I'll provide a more extensive answer to those questions at some point though. Anyways, thanks again!

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    Hey Spaciest of the Bens!

    I do remember your name, so there's a least two people now who do. I guess life does keep you busy between college, b/f, music and such necessities like sleeping and eating, so there's litte time to play around online. Also, that wisdom is always useful - can never have enough of that.


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    I vividly remember your avatar, and the screen name as well ^^

    Welcome back on board!

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    Hey, welcome back to the site.

    You won't remember me probably, since I didn't join until a few months after you were last very active here, but as an avid reader of the site's archives, I certainly remember your avatar and name. You like new wave/alternative music and hockey? We shall get along nicely.

    It's always good to see a member return to the boards after a long time of inactivity. I hope this site continues to be as good and perhaps even better than you remembered it.

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    Hey Ben, thanks for responding. You are lucky that you have someone - even if meeting in the middle - to share your diaper interest with. Still looking, here. You mentioned more schooling in the future. I imagine you mean grad school. If I may ask, what are you/would you be studying?

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