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Thread: what diaper outer (shell) material do you prefer?

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    Default what diaper outer (shell) material do you prefer?

    Too many options to make a poll really, I'm just interested in some discussion here. Concerning disposables.

    clothlike: no. don't like. don't like at all. chaffs my inner thighs too.

    plastic pans over: also no. not even slightly interested.

    cushies: fair. plastic is smooth and they have a good crinkle, but it's a pretty hard plastic. Feels like that plastic wrap they put on some foods etc. another plus is the tapes stick well even to the area not on the tape zone. And there's very little difference between the tape zone and not. ATN have a similar shell texture.

    bambino: fair. they used to have a slightly softer shell, but when the bellisimo and now the newest bambino they've gone to a slightly textured shell, and a very smooth yet stiff (glossy) tape panel. I prefer it the way it was before. Also, some of you might remember the teddies that were made for a short time with the crinkly tape panel. Tapes didn't stick well at all to those.

    assure: yes it's a cheap diaper, not too thick, one shot tapes, no leak guards, no sap, no elastic front/back, but that outer shell is my idea of the perfect texture. It's a soft, smooth, flexible plastic that reminds me of how baby diapers used to be made. I personally prefer this outer material. Some other brands have the same shell (molicare I think is one and the abena xplus are about the same too)

    So I've found that a combination I really like is the teddy with an assure over the top. All of the features I'm looking for in a diaper are there. As an added bonus, if I do happen to do the lower tapes too tight and the teddy splits overnight, no problem!
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    High grade non-breathable polyethylene back sheet with cartoon strip.

    The same stuff used in 1985 pampers

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    Cloth backed although trying to find which is my fav is rough. Restore by medline seems to be most natural after that attends extended wear. Still waiting for the moment adult cloth backed will feel like silky butter like they already do on Pampers Crusiers. I do like plastic backed on occasions (just not as much as cloth backed) I prefer those to be of a high quality plastic like Bambinos. AB Universe and Attends plastic feels too thin to me....reminiscent of a thin garbage bag...ew lol

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    Thick-ish, non-textured, not-too-stretchy, white plastic (with tapes that stick and DO NOT MOVE!)

    I quite like the Tender nappies... The plastic is very slightly textured (boo!), but it's thicker and stronger than average and doesn't stretch, so kind of okay...

    And the Abena Abri-Forms are pretty good too... They recently started using thinner plastic (boo!) but it's strong enough, quite crinkly and does the job... And overall they're the best padding I've tried... :-)

    I'd absolutely love to be able to design my own, though. Sigh.......

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