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Thread: i dont know what to get!

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    Default i dont know what to get!

    i cant choose between getting a few pack of abena m4s (plastic ones of coarse) or attends w/ waistband or even unique wellness briefs. i need help deciding!

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    Rather than getting multiple packs of same product, go for a mixture of all of the above mentioned! Nice to have variety to use and enjoy. Also, for different purposes, some are better than others. I always do that anyway :-)

    Have fun either way

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    Abena M4s and Wellness Briefs are both thick night time diapers. Attends are more for daytime.

    The Attends with waistband used to be good prior to 2000.

    You should just go for the 3 like Soakingboy said. It's nice to explore the diapers available.
    XP Medical should help you with that but they don't have wellness briefs, but you can try out the dry 24/7 diapers that they have there.

    Dry24/7: $31.59
    Attends: $16.95
    Abena M4: $20.95

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    My advice is to try the Abena's first since they are the most widely favored of the bunch.

    The problem is that you won't stop there. Like most DL's you will be enticed to try every friggen' brand out there. Every brand with every variation both domestic and abroad.

    Personally I can't stop till' Iv'e tried every diaper known to man. Hmmm.... perhaps this could last awhile. Gall'durn it'! My latest new try was the Secure X-plus. It is a true DL nappy. Gunna stop short of a review here but there is certainly a range of diapers out there. They all do great but you can't know till' you tried em' all.

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    well i have tried the m4s before and i love them. i should just probally stick with those huh? cuz i found them for $19.99. and those are probally the best for the price?

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