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Thread: Favorite soda?

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    Default Favorite soda?

    Any of you who drink soda, what is your most favorite soda that you like to drink? I don't drink regular or diet sodas, but I do drink the Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwbacks from PepsiCo and imported Coca-Cola from Mexico (basically a Coca Cola with real cane sugar in a glass bottle). My ultimate favorite soda has to be Pepsi Throwback, although I really enjoy the Mexican Coke and Mountain Dew Throwback as much as I enjoy drinking Pepsi Throwback. Drinking a can of Mountain Dew Throwback right now. Yeah the real stuff!

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    I live in Virginia. Please bring me some of that Inca Cola (you may have to get it from Columbia/Peru/Venizuela).

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieABDL View Post
    I live in Virginia. Please bring me some of that Inca Cola (you may have to get it from Columbia/Peru/Venizuela).

    If you go to a local Wegman's store near you, there is an international isle where imported soda is being sold, especially the Coca-Cola from Mexico. The thing is you won't have to go to Peru just to get a bottle of Inca Cola. Isn't Inca Cola your favorite soft drink?

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    Not so much that it's my favorite, it's just that I hadn't had it in years and loved it when I first had it. I was in a Peruvian restaurant and got some. It tasted like a really sweet cream soda. I don't often drink regular sodas because their sweetness is too strong, but this was an exception for some reason and I can't put my finger on it.

    My favorite "common" sodas are diet Dr. Pepper and diet Mountain Dew. My favorite sodas are diet cream sodas.

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    My absolute favorites are IBC cream soda, pepsi throwback, and the coca-cola from mexico.

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    Though I try to keep off of soda...

    RC Cola,Vernors, Boylans Birch Beer, Sprecifier Ravin Red/Puma Cola

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    blue mountain dew (voltage)
    absolutely my favorite of all time.

    also, if you drink 2+ bottles of it, your bowels tend to... well, evacuate in a hurry.

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    i will litteraly drink mexican coke mexican fanta and mountain dew all day everyday

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    for me its all about dr. pepper! that stuff is simply divine 0.0

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