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Thread: A revelation

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    I wear diapers due to severe incontinence so it's not a choice for me, I have to wear them 24/7. However, over the last couple of weeks I've started to feel that even if my incontinence was suddenly cured, I think I would still want to wear them sometimes.

    I guess that means I'm DL after all...?

    Any other incontinent folk relate to this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    Any other incontinent folk relate to this?
    i wish i could; nappies an' all, appealed instantly to my sensory 'needs', way back when i first tried them in the 70s as a solution for bedwetting, and it's a struggle to recall anything of what i thought.
    obviously, though, i must've felt the same way as you

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    I've also come to enjoy wearing diapers. I figure it's better to enjoy my incontinence instead of suffering from it! However, I'm not really sure whether I would continue wearing diapers if I no longer needed them. I think something like is really hard to predict. When I first started needing them, I certainly could not imagine that I would eventually learn to enjoy diapers. Maybe I would really enjoy wearing boxer shorts if I no longer needed diapers.

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    It can be related to a feeling of security for some. Granted there are other things we can do to get a similar feeling so not everyone who wears diapers will like them for the same reason.

    Diapers are just another form of underwear, although they are disposable and waterproof, who will see them besides us and those we choose to let see them?

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    I can though I did like diapers before the incontince but I love them after and really do not want to go back to undies, I tried it once and it just felt weird (not to mention wet since I can't stay dry for long) it is just a comfort to be padded and not worry

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    I don't think I would choose to wear 24/7 but would definitely use the convenience of diapers in some situations...

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    Any other incontinent folk relate to this?
    Hey Down Tide,
    I know exactly how you feel. I Have had incontinence issues for about 6 years. It was not full incontinence till just over a year ago, and until then I really did not look fondly on wearing diapers. I struggled with the fact that I needed them I would tell myself that I do not need to diaper up at night. Finally I did not have a choice and I soon came to like them. I do not feel safe with out them. In fact just the other day I went with out a diaper for about 15 minutes and wet my pants. So I have come to just see it as a good thing. I just enjoy them and don't worry about it. I am DL and I that is who I am.

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    I have worn diapers my entire life due to complete incontinence. However I have also had to deal with other medical issues as well and regression has always been my way to escape. Because of this I have always considered myself more of an AB then a DL Though having worn my entire life, diapers provide me with a sense of security and it just doesn't feel right without one on. So yes I would probably still wear even if I didn't need them anymore.

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    I feel the same way. I think I would continue to wear

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    I had to think about this idea. I have been incon for 33 years and it's hard to imagine my life without the thing that dominates it so much.
    I suppose it would be fun to go "without" for a time but I wonder if I also wouldn't feel insecure.
    Well it will never happen so I guess its time to get back to enjoying my diapers.

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