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Thread: Molicare vs Abena Original? And do you always get X Plus?

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    Default Molicare vs Abena Original? And do you always get X Plus?

    I am getting ready to purchase diapers for the very first time, but I keep bouncing off the walls trying to decide which ones to get. I know for sure that I am going to get Goodnites for fun, but I also am thinking about getting some more durable, quality diapers.

    I was thinking about getting Abena M3 because it comes with 22 opposed to only 14 with the M4, but then I saw Molicares and I love the way they look. Now I'm looking at Molicares, but I have a couple questions regarding both.

    1.) Are Abena M3 and Molicare Super still good? Or are M4 X Plus and Super Plus a necessity? I would much prefer the M3 or Super because you do get a lot more. The problem with the Molicares is that the super come with 30, and I don't know if I can store that much!

    2.) How big are the packages relative to each other? A package of Abena extra M3 (22 count) compared to Abena Super M4 (14 count), and a package of Molicare Super (30 count) compared to Super Plus(14 count)?

    I was thinking for sure I was going to get Abena Extra Original M3, but everyone seems to have M4, and then Molicare looks super cool. Then I was set on Molicare Super, but it comes with 30, and I was already hesitant about storing 22!

    Now I ask, what is your expert opinion here, Diaper Talk? It seems everyone gets the Super Plus or X Plus, does anyone like the Super or just Extra? And is the Molicare Super (30 Count) a lot to deal with (storage-wise) compared to the others?

    TLR: Does anyone like Molicare Super and Abena Extra opposed to the heaviest absorption one(M4 & Super Plus)? Has anyone gotten the Molicare Super(30 Count) and is it difficult to store so many - how big is the package?

    Edit: And I'm 33'' around the hips (Used measuring tape), so I assume Medium is the best size for me, correct? I am tall too if it matters, and in great shape.
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    I'm responding simply because I don't know the answer to these questions either and am interested as well. As for abena, I think, though don't know, that the absorbancy packaging is the same, simply less diapers in the m4 pack than the m3, 2, etc. but, would like confirmation and facts. Hopefully we'll get some answers.

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    hey, ive purchased several kinds of diapers in the past and i may be able to help a little

    1) i bought m3s and m4s before, and from my experience, i would rather buy the m4's even tho u get less. The m4's are alot thicker and more of what i look for in a diaper. They are more for laying around in ur room/house, or for playing baby. The m3's are nice too but they arent as thick. M3's are more discreet, so if u wanna wear in public or somethin, m3's are the way to go. but like i said, i personally like m4's better

    2) im not entirely sure, but i think the packages are roughly the same size. m3's have more diapers, but they arent as thick as the m4's, so it evens out.

    im sorry, but i dont know much about molicare, i only bought a sample pack of them once. I usually buy abena m4's or bambinos.

    And yea, i think medium would be just fine for you. im a 33'' waist too and i buy medium

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    Dilemma is more for your buck or what you really want. That's the decision that you are trying to make.

    You just have to ask yourself what do you want more in a diaper. Do you want to have it get bulky when wet? Do you have a lot of time when you wear diapers so you don't waste it? Depending on your liquid intake you could wear an Abena M4 between 6-8 hours on a normal intake of liquid.

    The count differences are different because there's more padding in the thicker ones. The costs of the absorbent materials are more expensive than the shells (cloth backed ones are more expensive than plastic backed)

    Molicare and Abena are similar in absorbency. Both are made mostly of wood pulp which starts to sink into the middle after a certain time. Both are really thick (M4 and super plus).

    Just try to figure out what do you want more in a diaper and decide, everyone is different and likes different types of diapers. You just have to find what you want.

    I say the best thing to do is to order the sample packs from XP Medical:

    $5.95 for 2 Abena M4s and 2 Abena M2s.

    $5.95 for 2 Molicare Super and 2 Molicare Super Plus.

    All of their samples are $5.95 and have a wide variety of brands and absorbency levels. Then you won't spend too much on something you won't like.

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    Paciboy pretty well hit it. I've never tried Molicare so I can't speak on that but I have bought m3(extras) and M4. The packages are the exact same size, or extremely close. My preference is the m3. Simply because more product for your buck. With normal wetting and fluid intake, they will last me 6-8 hours, sometimes a little longer. They are also the right bulk for me. (Right on the verge of being thick, but discreet.) Sure the m4 holds more, but not enough to outwary the number of diapers and absorbance you get with the m3. As they already said. If you want a home only diaper, go with the m4. If you plan on being mobile while wearing, go with the m3. I will almost guarantee you will be impressed with the amount it can hold. I do keep a pack of m4s around just for a day in the house. Another thing, if you plan to use it to its maximum capacity, the pulp inside the m4 seems to start falling forwards the bottom of the diaper sometimes. Or at least it does on me. The m3 holds together better on me if I'm moving alot. May not be a problem with others. Just my opinion. Enjoy whatever you order! :-)

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    Thank you for the feedback everyone.

    I really don't know what I'm looking for in a diaper because I've never worn or wet them (since I was a kid) xD
    And I was kind of under the impression that you change them out after you wet them once, but wearing them for 6-8hours sounds a little fun too :E

    Considering I prefer not to order many things at once, as I have roommates and don't want them snooping around my boxes, I think I might end up getting the M3 opposed to sample packs. However, does anyone have any input about Molicare? The only thing stopping me from getting Molicare Super > Abena M3 is that the Molicare comes with 30! :P

    And rather than making another thread here (already made like 3!), has anyone ordered these before?

    Brief Variety Pack

    This is another package I'm considering, but I don't know about the website, do they send mail advertisements if you purchase from them?

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    I got my first M4s this week and have just tested my first one (seriously I'm wearing it right now) and can say that yes they are thick when fresh out the pack and they will hold an absolute tonne of liquid ad swell up to match that, I can't speak for any of the other diapers you have suggested but the M4s are excellent diapers providing you have the time to use them; if you want a diaper that will only be worn for a few hours then forget the M4 as it would be a bit of a waste and that would go for the Molicare Supers and the dry 24/7s as well. I'm guessing the M3s hold a bit less (but probably still a lot) so would be worth checking out.

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    I've used Abena M2s, 3s and 4s and can say that while the X-plus (M4) are awesome unless you stay in the diaper a while and really pee a lot you won't come close to using all of its capacity. That being said, the feeling of a big thick crinkly diaper is awesome and the thinner ones don't really give you that feeling.

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