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    Eh boring title I know, but I'm lazy XD
    Um I'm not really comfortable releasing my real name, but any name you come up with for me is fine, but you can call me Kanone, new guy, or even HEY YOU! if you wanna.
    Um I'm not really into much of the baby part it, but diapers interest me to a point and my wife and I are into (for lack of a better term) forced incontinence. But um I'm not really in favor of the furry part at all, but don't get me wrong, I won't think less of anyone who does, what someone likes is their decision, and who am I to say anything to them because they probably think something I like is weird so to each their own XD
    I hope I find this an interesting place to be ^^

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    HEY YOU!...Welcome to the site n_n
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    Thanks ^^ and its "HEY YOU!", emphesis on the exclamation mark XD eh, j/k j/k ^^ but thanks

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    Hey Kanone. Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will find this site interesting at the very least; it is easy to let a lot of time slip by while you're on here from my experience. I hope you enjoy it here.

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    Hey, Kanone, welcome to our community; I'm sure you will find a place here.

    Not many of us use our real names here, or even tell any other members, so don't feel abnormal about that. In fact, our little corner of the net has as its mission the task of making people like us feel MORE normal.

    So join in wherever you want to, and bypass the other parts. It's a big enough place that you won't feel embarrassed to be ignoring some of it.

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    Hi Kanone, welcome to the forums.

    Hope you have a good time.

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    Hello Mr. Cannon.

    To make sure you don't go off, please do not bring any lighters or matches into this chat room!

    Seriously though: Welcome to the forum and enjoy your time here.


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