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Thread: Where to find diapers - Kansas City

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    Default Where to find diapers - Kansas City

    I'm in KC for a while. Wondering if anyone knows of any good places to get diapers here.

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    The Internet seems to work a treat, even in Kansas City.

    Unless our use of the phrase, "a while" differs. In that case, search for "Adult Diapers Kansas City" and you will find local listings of vendors.

    If the Internet is down in KC, look in the big yellow book thingy (called, appropriately enough, the Yellow Pages) at the hotel or any gas station/pay-phone, and look under either "A"[dult diapers], "I"[ncontinence Supplies], or "M"[edical Supplies].
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    Not from the area personally, but for a city of its size you are better off going to Walgreens or a similar place. I recently had my chair serviced in KC at the largest medical supply store, and they a small selection. If you can travel there is a place in Topeka that has about everything you can think of.

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    That's not too terribly far. I might be able to easily go through topeka when I leave here. Where is the place in topeka? What is it called?

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    PM me. Rather not put the name and address of a local business on a public forum.

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    What part of KC, exactly? Midtown? Downtown?
    Also, how long are you in KC and why?

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    Im not really familiar enough with the area to answer... Im near the river and the factory looking buildings. Just on vacation to get away for a couple days.

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    sounds like you may be in the riverview market area, maybe staying with a friend in a loft? fun place to live, I have a relative there. Do they still light up that bridge at night?

    sorry, no help on finding diapers though.

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