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Thread: The Cleanup!

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    Default The Cleanup!

    Sorry if this thread already exists.
    Anyway, how do you guys clean up after wetting/ messing your diapers? Is it, in your opinion, worth the cleanup?

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    I don't mess because of the smell, but I would use toilet paper to wipe my self down then throw the diaper away.

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    I don't mess often, but since I live alone, it's not too dangerous. As fun as messing is, it's never fun to clean up afterwards. I wipe myself, and then try and get as much of the mess out of the diaper and into the toilet to flush away (this way the diaper won't smell so bad in the trash). Then I get right in the shower and clean up. It's best if you have one of those removable shower heads that can be hand held as well. After the shower I double bag the diaper and get it out into the outside garbage asap.

    Hope that helps.


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    Oh, I'm not looking for help lol, I'm merely thinking that we all could share our cleanup methods!

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    Baby wipes are definitely one of the best way to clean yourself. It's not enough to do a thorough job. But, it's far better than toilet paper...

    If I mess, I'll most likely want to clean most of it with wipes and then hop in the tub or the shower. If it's only wet diaper, wipes are enough for a diaper change.

    I know a lot of people don't like messing because of the cleaning that it involves but, that is part of it...And it isn't THAT bad once you get to know how to clean yourself quickly and dispose of your diaper.
    By the way, scented diaper disposable bags exist. Those are good to hide odors for a little while.

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    As I live with other people right now, I don't mess my diaper that often. The clean up is too risky unless I know I'm going to be by myself for a while.
    Wet diapers I just wipe myself then let myself dry off

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    The tricky to cleaning up poopy diapers is to take a shower, especially if you have one of those detachable handheld sprayers.

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    When i have made a poopy/Messy diaper i take a shower to clean it off relay good. Is the diaper only wet i use wipes to get my self clean up.

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    Well, of course you have to clean up. Especially after you mess because it can be swarming with bacteria, fungi or other unpleasant microbes. The amount of bacteria in an object can averagely double every 5 hours. Now, at first, it doesn't seem scary. But once the scale gets higher and higher, diseases can swarm around it. That's one of the many reasons why parents are advised to change baby diapers as soon as possible after their baby wetting/messing.

    You need to dispose of your used diaper responsibly and hygienically. So I throw mine away as soon as I've used it. The smell of decomposing diapers is truly something you don't want to be around for. I've always disposed of the diapers straight away so I can get them as far away from me as possible. That's a reason why diaper pails mostly have deodorants inside them.

    How I clean up.
    After I have used a diaper, I take the tapes off and put the diaper to one side (temporarily). I always keep a pack of baby wipes in the dresser next to my bed for occasions like this. I take a few wipes and wipe myself over to prevent diaper rash. (I know that's me being paranoid but I'm not really desperate to get diaper rash as a teenager). I always get pantsed during the changing rooms in PE, (I'm bullied a lot) that's not nice, but if the guys saw me with a huge rash on my butt, then I couldn't live with myself.

    (Diaper rash gets even worse for teenagers because of the grease on their skin)

    After wiping myself over, I sometimes put diaper rash cream on myself just to make sure. I then out some trousers on and I take the diaper and the wipes I just used and I take them straight in the rubbish bin (or garbage can) outside, I never put used diapers in the bins in my kitchen because obviously it'll stink the house out.

    Now I go about my business and whatever I was doing prior to wetting/messing myself. I can either out a new one on or just not bother.

    I know my process of cleaning up is very thorough but it all comes down to not getting any illnesses caused by unhygienic diaper disposal.
    Also, if I leave a stink around the house, mum and dad wouldn't like it at all, even if your mum and dad are accepting, your diaper loving does not abolish their right to live in a clean house

    Anyway, it's always me who has to clean up the dog if he's had an accident!
    Hope this helps <3
    Anakin Furlover
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    For pee i just take it off and wrap it up in a few plastic bags and hide under my bed until i can dispose of them. If messed (Rarely) i take it off and shower straight away. Wrap it up about 5 times and hope the smell doesn't go through :P Normally if i can, I'd tip some of the "mess" down the toilet if i can. Depends how long it was worn for!

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