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Thread: Favourite Disney movie!!!!!!!

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    Default Favourite Disney movie!!!!!!!

    Just wondering what your favorite Disney movie is and if it's one of the obvious ones, my favourite is The Gnome Mobile from 1967 it stars the kids from Mary Poppins and who with the help of their granddad rescue a couple of gnomes and take them to find their own kind, its great there loads of little people effects car chases great music and multiple bad guys like a freak show boss and the men in white coats after grandpa for talking about 'little people', I LOVE this movie but most people I know have never even HEARD of it!
    Have you?
    And what's your favourite?

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    Without a doubt, my favourite Disney movie is The Lion King. I absolutely love it!! It's my favourite movie of all time and I'm not afraid to admit it. I can remember watching it when I was about 4 or 5, I would cry, I would laugh, I would sing. It was truly ma gical to watch.
    Closely seconded by Bedknobs and Broomsticks which is a RL movie but I loved the concept that a bed could take you anywhere!
    Anakin Furlover

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    Lion King and Lion King 2 are my favorites. Between them I'd probably have to go with 2 over 1 to be honest (heresy or not =p). But yes, I love the Lion King, and really really really want to watch it again sometime xD

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    Well everyone has said it, but lion king is the best disney movie by far, went to watch it in 3D last october, it was pure awesomeness

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    One of my favorite Disney movies definitely has to be the Tigger Movie. Can't imagine how much I loved that movie, especially the heart-warming song "My Heart Will Lead You Home" by the great Kenny Loggins in the end credits.

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    One of my favorites has always been Fox and the Hound, but I think my favorite is The Lion King and The Lion King II. I also really like Brother Bear and Treasure Planet.

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    ALL the Lion King MOVIES!!!! My favorite movie of all time is lion king 1, but I feel I relate most with the character kovu from lion king 2, simply because almost my entire life has been spent changing myself to impress others and whatnot, and I am right now relearning how to be a kid again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lioncub828 View Post
    One of my favorites has always been Fox and the Hound, but I think my favorite is The Lion King and The Lion King II. I also really like Brother Bear and Treasure Planet.
    I gotta say, treasure planet, fox and the hound, and brother bear are all awesome too, but to be honest I could say that about almost every classic Disney movie.

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    Of the older Disney movies, a favorite is Sleeping Beauty, which I saw in the theatre when it first was released. As for newer animated Disney movies, it's a tie between The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

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    Wow seems like everyones really mad on the lion king! I know it's got a good sound track but hey no ones even mentioned a Disney Pixar movie, I was sure finding Nemo would be in there!

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    I will admit that I had expected more variety in responses as well, but I can't say that I blame myself or anyone else for being mad over the lion king lol.

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