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    After a little browsing around on ab/dl related sites, I have decided to join ADISC and try to join in on all of the fun.

    I am a recent high school graduate. I plan on going to college and I will take a few classes, including music theory and creative writing. I would consider myself to be shy, but I do have some good friends in real life.

    Just like many of you, I am a diaper lover. They make me feel safe and secure. I became fascinated with diapers at an early age. I used to wet the bed until I was about 8 years old. My mom put me in diapers so that I would not get the bed all wet. Unlike many children at my age who had bedwetting problems, I did not resist wearing the diapers. I thought that they were very comfortable.

    I love to play the electric guitar. I have been playing for a little over 3 years now. I hope that some day I will become a well known and respected musician. I also love to ride my bike. Now that it's summer, i'm going to try to ride as much as possible for fun and exercise.

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    Hi, Galvanic94 and welcome to ADISC!
    So, you are a musician, too! That's great. I've been playing piano since I was about 8 years old...and went on to study Music at university. I love music of all kinds (even some RAP, but don't tell anyone!). What's your favourite type of music? I've been listening to a lot of foreign pop-music over the last few years...mostly Pakistani, Arabic, and now Persian *meow* (since my current 'friends' group seems to consist solely of Persians *meow* LOL)

    ps If you're curious about the *meow*...look up Maz Jobrani, or the Axis of Evil Comedy Troupe.

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    I listen to a lot of heavy metal, especially the extreme kind. One of my favorite bands at the moment is The Black Dahlia Murder.

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