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    Hello all,
    I've been more or less curious about this whole thing for a while for whatever reason and started to do some research on it and found this site and even ordered some diapers to test things out, oddly enough. Currently I'm interested in music, medicine, friends, traveling, and movies, other than that, that is all I can really say at this point.

    Oh yes, and I accidently mis-typed my name unfortunally when I was making an account...

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    Interesting, well this is a good place to be for a start, most places are more focused on a sexual aspect. That has its place but the community is largely dominated by it just by my own searching through the net. I like movies as well, I have quite a collection. Music too but who doesn't? By medicine do you mean you are studying it or you like pharmaceuticals or something else?

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    Yeah, I have gathered that from just searching around to figure it all out. Im not so much into that aspect of it as it seems far to be diplomatic about it. I am currently studying medicine to answer your question. also seems this whole thing is dominated by males with less of a split between the two.

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    I'll definitely agree with you, a lot more males.. but welcome to the site! I may be of a different age group but I gotta represent Virginia! I think you'll find this community to be fairly easy to get along with! So what sorts of music do you like? Do you play anything?

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    I like pretty much everything except the old twangy country and the really obscene rap that has a cuss word every other word, and yes I play violin, and viola, with the primary for the last 14 years-ish being violin.

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    Awesome. I'm actually right there with you on that.. country and pointless rap. I actually did try violin once.. I ended up with guitar and drums. Classic kid. So I imagine after 14 years you've really gotten sharp with a violin?

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    I do well on it haha. Guitar ey? I wanna learn the guitar to be honest, specifically acoustic. The sound you cannot beat imo.

    How long have you been playing drums/guitar?

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    Guitar, it's been approaching 9 years for me.. I'm definitely an acoustic fan myself :P Drums it's been around 4 or 5 years.. I actually lost track!

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    I actually considered trying to learn piano.. I never got far. You really can't go wrong with an acoustic sound, though!

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