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Thread: Unique Wellness briefs doing a limited free shipping free sample offer!

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    Talking Unique Wellness briefs doing a limited free shipping free sample offer!

    Hello all!

    Yes they are doing the free sample offer with free shipping and all you need to do is send a e-mail to this e-mail address: [email protected] with your name, size, and postal address and they will send you the sample absolutely free with out having to pay the shipping cost. How ever if you go to their web site and order it there you are going to have to pay for shipping.

    Remember that there is only a limit of one per customer and the deadline is June 21st 2012

    So what have you go to lose get that e-mail sent to them and when it comes enjoy the free diaper.

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    How do you know this works? Why would they make you pay for shipping on the websites sample order form, but if you do it by e-mail they won't.

    there's really no diffidence between the two.

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    I went to the website a couple of weeks ago they charged 1.99 for shipping but worth it. I'm going to buy a case when I run out of my abena X-plus.

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    Well I got an e-mail from them saying so. Focus you are supposed to use the e-mail addie that they provided to me that I am providing to you.

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    okay, I'll bite. I copied the e-mail address and sent in a short e-mail with my name, waist size and mailing address. We'll see what happens from here. Thanks Mauiman for the heads up on that. I hope everything will go as expected.

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    hmm, maybe I'm impatient, but as of today (the next day after sending them the e-mail) I haven't received any confirmation e-mail back yet.

    So, I went back and placed an order for 3 samples. Here is the message I got after ordering my samples
    I logged back into their site and went to my order history and so far,,,there is no tracking information there either. However, to be fair I will check back on it later to see if tracking information becomes available. Anyhow, of course I will report back on whether I get that 'free' order or not. But in the mean time I will be awaiting my wellness brief order.

    And yes, that was a real typo ("you order" instead of "your order") on their website.
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    Got my sample today
    It was pretty fast for them to get here And the sample comes with two

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    Also got my sample today, I'm amazed how thick these are. :<

    /not used to good diapers.

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    Well I got mine. I would have posted earlier but I was fixing my mothers computer.

    So here are the images of it.

    Here is the package. I covered the postage details to my self in there to prevent any freaks from getting my address. Yes I know the admins and moderators work hard around the clock to keep them at bay but some still gets through them from time to time.

    Here is what came in there. It even talks about that astronaut that made both the astronauts and us DL's AB's, TB's look very bad in the fact paper.

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    How long does it take and is it discreet shipping?

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