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Thread: White cloud has bed wetting underwear now!

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    Smile White cloud has bed wetting underwear now!

    I was in Walmart today and walk through the diaper isle and I saw white cloud has bed wetting underwears. The design is cool looking. So I'm going buy a pack I think later on. Your thoughts

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    I allways had a interest in the White Cloud products but being the Walmart in my city soooo big,I get scared to the point that I never had bought diapers from the store before...

    What do the White Cloud bed wetting diapers look like by any chance?I guess ill do some web research on prices.

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    update from research:

    Are you sure they wern't the Parents Choice brand because the White Cloud brand discontinued a few years back...but umm if they really are the White Cloud brand...You should be lucky that your Walmart still sells them...

    Pictures please...

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    My local wal-mart has them too, they are White Cloud without a doubt.

    The have a design with red dots and one with green dots. At the top of the pant there is a design.

    They're a little smaller than goodnites.

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    reply to poster above:I guess its just my walmart that dont stock them anymore...The walmart in my city kind of got way larger after their rebuild to get larger and all they sell now is the Parents Choice brand or the other usuall big name brands...

    Thats neat that the diapers look like that! Its a shame that my Walmart dont stock them anymore...I have kind of allways wanted to try them you know.

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    thats cool its too bad i cant buy them in any other store because i dont shop at walmart

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnpeter View Post
    thats cool its too bad i cant buy them in any other store because i dont shop at walmart
    The wal-mart is evil but everything else is A okay! bug strikes again.

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    Pics please?

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    Well I might get a pack but it's going to be in 3 weeks tho cus low on money and I'm going to be gone a whole week at youth camp in 2 weeks. So I don't want to risk of someone finding them while I'm gone.

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    Just checked my local Walmart here in Wenatchee and they do still carry White Cloud brand diapers and pullups, as well as Parent's Choice. No sign of the White Cloud bedwetter pants though...

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