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    So, two nights ago I got quite drunk, and decided I wanted to get fit... so in my drunken haze the best thing to do would be to sign myself up for next springs Edinburgh marathon, sinec I'd be committed to it...

    So now I've just paid 50 to put myself through an intense amount of physical pain almost a year from now!

    Has anyone here ever ran a marathon? Do you have any hints or tips for me?

    Is anyone here especially sporty? What sorts of exercise should I be doing?

    I'll get sent out a pack at the end of the summer with help on training plans, but I want to get a head start, I'm VERY unfit!

    Oh, and wish me luck! I've decided to get people to sponsor me for a cancer charity who were very helpful for my dad and the rest of my family when he was very ill!

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    good easy place to start is laps in a pool you will start to burn any fat off quick while mildly building and toning muscle it will also help bring up endurance also treadmill and work out bike would also be a good place to start but cant forget the MP3 player the right music will keep you motivated and moving also alot of streching

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