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    hi there

    i have just got my first cloth diapers! normally in disposibles but wanted to change!

    any tips for cloth diapers? whats the best way to not stain them? what about if i need to change in public?

    only got 2 cloth diapers atm but i think i need to buy more


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    First, I'd recommend checking out the All About Cloth Diapers article.

    As for not staining them, well, messing will stain them quickly, so that's something to consider. Beyond that, good detergent (I've heard good things about the Rockin' Green detergent) and line-drying will help. If they're smelling a bit funky after the wash, give them an extra wash cycle, the first with detergent and the second without detergent.

    As for changing in public, it is a bit trickier but still very doable. Carry several plastic bags (plastic grocery bags are absolutely perfect for this) in your diaper bag, as well as a changing mat. Use the handicap stall, and place your bag in such a way that it obstructs the view under the door, and then position yourself toward the back of the stall. After you've changed, place the used diapers into one or two of the plastic bags and tie them off tightly to contain the smell. Then, when you get home, you can throw the used diapers into your pail and deal with them later.

    Also also, don't let your diapers go more than 3-5 days between using them and laundering them. The compounds in urine will convert to ammonia as the diapers sit in the pail, and if you leave them too long, it not only becomes harder to get the diapers clean, but you also start to destroy the fabric and seriously shorten the diapers' useful life.

    Happy diapering, and enjoy the cloth!

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    Also depends (no pun intended) on often you wet them. I am only about 1 - 2 x a week at most. Even if I do not wet myself at night I still wash my dry diaper after wearing them 3 - 4 days. Body perspiration can lead to bacteria growth and odor. You certainly would not wear your regular underwear 4 days straight would you?

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    I always wash my diaper out in the shower when I'm washing in the morning. Of course the shower runs hot, and cold water works better for not setting stains. I let them hang to dry, and then collect them when I have enough to wash. I wash them on a short cycle and then a long cycle. If you want to really eliminate stains, you could pour a little vinegar into the first cycle. Avoid bleach as it can deteriorate the fabric. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they clog the pores of the fabric, making it less absorbent. I've had few problems.

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