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    Cool Another Old Newbie

    Huggs EveryBaby!

    I'm a 51 year old AB/DL (going on 18-months) near Cleveland, Ohio. I became interested in diapers at age 4, and (like everyone else) thought I was "the only one" until I was 36, when I discovered "Adult Babies" on Compu$erve (HSX207), followed shortly by DPF. Us oldtimers know what it's like to spend decades thinking you're the only one. Thanks to the Internet that's a thing of the past.

    Once I discovered "Adult Babies" in 1996 on Compu$erve I went to every get-together I possibly could (about ten a year on the East Coast) and met my greatest friends in life, including my best friend JohnR (who just joined here), and really discovered myself. An AB friend put me in touch with his AB-aware therapist and I spent several years unwinding the damage and learning to love myself.

    I am straight and single once again, after two failed marriages: the first didn't know about my AB side (since I didn't even know there was a word for it when we married) and the second was my Mommy and lover, but mental health issues on the part of one of her children separated us.

    I am retired at 51 after an amazing career creating and running an employer-services company for 22 years. I invest my time now in AB/DL interests and television production.

    I have great empathy for AB/DL's of all shapes and sizes, especially with what I have been through in my life, and so when Compu$erve's Adult Babies section went away JohnR and I created a semi-private support website for AB/DL's: no webcrawlers allowed, etc. Bunny Acres: Thoughtful Sharing and Support for Adult Babies. I am excited to have discovered ADISC, and look forward to meeting many of you!

    I look forward to hearing from other members soon!

    Forever a Toddler,


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    Hi Denny
    Great to read your introduction. Welcome from another relative newbie to adisc....

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